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Getting to the bottom of ELT blogging

  I know. Another post where I write about writing. Well, blog about blogging to be precise. I had planned to move on from the introspection of recent posts, but my number one reader and encourager @CliveSir requested I write … Continue reading

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The “je ne sais quoi” of ELT presentations

I’ve done it. I’ve taken what is, in my opinion, one of the naffest phrases in the English language and made it the title of my latest blog post. I may be wrong, but I don’t think French people ever use “je … Continue reading

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Teaching and writing inspiration – Part One: Real Life

Would you like to see some of my holiday snaps? Now, before you go thinking that the summer heat has nuked my poor wee sun-starved Scottish brain, let me reassure you that this post does indeed have something to do … Continue reading

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My guest post on the MaWSIG blog

I’m back to work after a long summer break with lots of ideas for future posts (which I hope to have the time to write up very soon). In the meantime, here’s a link to the MaWSIG blog. I’ve always … Continue reading

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One to one or room 101?

Some teachers love teaching one to one: they enjoy the luxury of being able to focus on the needs of an individual learner and appreciate not having to deal with the stress of large class management and issues of differentiation. … Continue reading

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Social media writing “unplugged”

[This article was first published in Voices Issue 240 (September -October 2014). Many thanks to the editor, Alison Schwetlick, for allowing me to republish it here.] For a long time I avoided teaching social media writing. A range of nightmare … Continue reading

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Yes or no? The Indy Ref for ESOL learners

  Anyone over the age of sixteen who is resident in Scotland can vote in September’s referendum on the future of their country. Yet a couple of months ago, when I broached the subject with my ESOL learners, many of … Continue reading

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